Monday, February 6, 2012

Colossal failure

Ed Bourelle said “You could play mangled metal with these.”, but I'm having trouble figuring out if that means people assumed it was 18-20 points, or that was his actual words (here). If it's not his actual words then it could be less, but something with 60+ boxes on the grid won't come cheap.

Rules are just like Warjacks on 120 mm bases. They have two new power attacks and modify old ones, giant open fists, shoulder-/back-mounted guns. Systems are split across the left and right grids, but it’s all one system; you need to disable a system on both sides to take it out.
  • Thresher (as expected these are dedicated anti-infantry)
  • Slam that doesn’t require movement (could be useful)
  • They get extra distance on throws (could be useful)
  • Colossals can’t trample mediums (I wonder if "can't" is a typo)
  • All Colossals have reach built-in (What does our Tentacles get us then?)
  • Models are resin/metal hybrids
  • Coming July 2012 (presumably with the next book)
If they’re 18-20 points and worth bringing I fear we're in for quite a few "Kill the enemy Colossal" games, which I think is a damn shame. Nothing to do except wait for the next spoilers and pray they'll be useless.



  1. It's probably the cynic in me, but the only way to balance colossals at 18ish points and not make them an objective is to push for higher point games. Very reminiscent of watching model count ie cost go up for tournament level armies in 40k.

    But like everyone else I am hoping that colossals wont change any of that and will be fun and balanced as they are sweet looking models.

  2. I was there and he did say that you could use them in Mangled Metal. A later question was asked about how many points they were, and Will said "18-20 points."

    They emphasized that they will not be "insta-win" buttons and I don't think that they will be at 18-20 points. In order to balance them out, they still probably won't breach ARM 22, especially since they already have lots of boxes, and they will still only be able to be allocated 3 focus. I expect that we will more see them like weapon platforms, with lots of guns and some powerful melee attacks (probably STR 14-15), but they could still likely be taken out by equivalent points of heavies - particularly the cheap ones like the Slayer, Juggernaut, or even Ironclad.

    I don't think they'll be as bad as most think. The Kraken will probably have the Chain Attack which gives it 4" melee range during its activation.

  3. My fear is not that they'll rampage through the setting, it's that games will be won or lost by it's survival. A twenty points jack, worth exactly what it costs, in a perfectly balanced system, would still be problematic :)