Monday, February 6, 2012

Green Stuff is ****

Personally I've never enjoyed painting/modeling blogs, but since I've spent my weekend packing things into boxes and bleeding dollars in Ikea I've got nothing better to offer. I ran low on Grey Stuff while working on the Gorax, so I tried defining some muscle on the back with Green Stuff and what a bitch that stuff s to work with.

It turned out alright, but I quickly returned to Grey Stuff and ran out making fur parts. I've ordered more, but the completion of the Gorax will have to wait until it arrives. It was another learning process but making fur got easier really fast, and though the image quality is poor (poor lighting and rushed photos) I hope you can see why I'm quite pleased with the results considering it's my first attempt at something like this.

I also got started on the Megalith conversion. The arms are on stage 1 (defining where the armor will be), the chest is on stage 2 (plating), the codpiece is on stage three (pattern), while step 4 (details) and 5 (sanding) is yet to come.

Original Megalith
There's a long way to go before it even remotely looks like Megalith, and I'm thinking about really bulking him up, and going for a more Wold Guardian look and feel, though that will be very hard to accomplish.

Anyway, Monday I'll put them on the table for the first time, against a complete rookie rolling eHaley. Experience Vs. List, epic fun will be had by all.


  1. I have never used Green or Grey stuff but I was going to pick up some Green stuff in a couple days to try my hand at a little modeling. Can you tell me how Green and Grey differ? Like what made the Green harder then the Grey to use?

    1. Grey takes less time to harden. Grey doesn't stick to everything and pull out of shape even when soaked in water like Green does. Grey holds the shape a lot better, allowing you define sharp edges without needing to sand everything down.

      That's as far as I've gotten. Green seems slightly better when it comes to making armor plating as it becomes completely unbreakable when dry, but any detail work should be done in Grey.

      Remember I'm a complete rookie at this, but all the really good sculptors I've seen use Grey as well, but I didn't realize how much of a difference it really makes.

  2. Thanks for the info Lamoron. I will see what my gaming store has in stock and maybe try a both also to see what I like. Great job with the conversions btw!! Keep posting :D