Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shenanigans: Curse of Shadows

In the true spirit of The Overseer, I'm going to share an idea I got last night that's so incredibly stupid that it might be worth exploring: debuffing your own models. I got the idea when my opponent asked me if he could advance through his own cursed models, and the rules allow it. 
Target model/unit suffers –2 ARM and cannot make free strikes. A model can advance through an affected model if it has enough movement to move completely past its base.
There's no friendly/enemy limitation, and that got me thinking. I have a real problem with activation sequences because my Druids get in the way of each other and everyone else, but what if I could advance through them?


These guys need to be out in front, spaced with less than two inches between them in order to produce a wall of clouds blocking LoS. This means they block my own charge lanes, advances from large bases, and the need to activate them first is bloody annoying.

Druids are armor thirteen, and there is a difference between eleven and thirteen. POW six blasts drop from needing above average rolls to below average, which is a huge threshold and makes it really risky, but if I'm facing single target shooting or melee lists it's worth considering, since it makes the druids a lot easier to work with.

If I have the first turn I can cast it one them, upkeep it, advance through them and then pop CoS on an enemy unit to remove it from my Druids. If I go second I can wait until round two, since shooting will be less problematic after the lines clash, and in round three I simply won't upkeep it.


There are quite a few Cryx units this trick could be used on actually. The spell is found on Wraith Witch Deneghra, Goreshade the Cursed, and The Coven, and these are the units I would consider for a turn one Curse of Shadows.
  • Mechanithralls
  • Satyxis Raiders
  • Croe's Cutthroats
  • Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters

It's not a huge list, but Cryx has a secret weapon that turns Curse of Shadows into a pure utility buff, though a very expensive one: The Skarlock! If you don't need him for anything else he can put CoS on something, have the relevant units move past it, and when the caster activates he can throw CoS on something else (preferably something that doesn't belong to you) which removes it from your important models.



  1. That's a good trick to remember. I've been playing The Coven as of late. For them I use Veil of Mists to allow me to get through my own stuff because usually I just need to sneak a medium or large base by something.

    If I ever needed to get through a unit though - your trick works.

    Incidentally I dabbled in Cirle for a bit. I also had trouble with the Druids. I dropped them and moved on to Trolls. Though I have a p/e Kaya list I dust off from time to time. I want to see what you do with the ninja goat!

  2. I have know of this trick for a long time, but I have never used it. It can be useful but it's not very often I guess :)

    1. Will be for me. Those Druids look a lot better to me now :)

  3. Fantastic trick, I'm still new to the game and this gives me some nasty ideas.

  4. Seriously awesome idea. Your blog has a lot of readers with good reason sir.

  5. I wish I could remember all my own advice when playing ;D