Monday, February 13, 2012

What a week

I worked nearly twice my regular hours this week, but things are looking up. Tomorrow is valentines day though, and I have to make an effort since my wife made a real effort last year on Steak & BJ day, but today is all about little metal men.

I bought some more Circle by accident (finger slipped on three different auctions, IT HAPPENS shut up!), and then I discovered that Jamie P was messing about with Circle, and chose pKrueger as his main Warlock: Glee! You can follow his trip to Templecon here, and his videos are worth watching as well. I'm pretty sure I could pose a challenge on a tactical level (with Cryx anyway), maybe even win, but the man plays 5 minute turns with a 50 point list without making any noticeable mistakes, which is way out of my league.

Ah well, tonight I'm taking on a friend and his Sturm & Drang bacon assault, in an epic clash to decide which one of us will claim the title as "most likely to lose" in the coming tournament. He has about ten games with Farrow as far as I know, and none with S&D, while I have one game with Circle but with pKrueger as well.

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