Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Circle: Tournament time!

Saturday is tournament time. I'm going up against a bunch of ETC players running trials on their ETC lists, and I'm bringing Circle. Since I've lost the title as most likely to fail, I'm aiming for the skies and 14th place instead. This will be my list, and I only have to borrow the Stalker and Stone Keeper. 

Krueger the Stormwrath
- Gorax
- Feral Warpwolf
- Shadowhorn Satyr
- Warpwolf Stalker
Druids of Orboros (Leader and 5 Grunts)
- Druid of Orboros Overseer
Shifting Stones
- Stone keeper
Tharn Bloodweavers (Leader and 5 Grunts)
Druid Wilder
Lanyssa Ryssyll
Lord of the Feast

I've come to realize, that unless I'm facing an all infantry list the Gorax cannot be allowed to die (worth remembering when I go up against Circle next time). That means I have to place him somewhere safe, and win the game with 4 points less than my opponent.
Feral Warpwolf
The Stalker brings Lightning Strike, which is pretty darn funny on a Feral Warpwolf with a speed warp and Lightning Tendrils. If I can get hunters mark up on the target, the Feral can charge 13", maul everything with reach (15") and Electro Leap, and then retreat 8" afterwards. This guy is on flank duty now.
Shadowhorn Satyr
I'm looking forward to fielding the Ninja-goat. He can move up 6", then jump 5", then with Tendrils and Primal he can take down most casters that come within 13" of him if there's room to land (MAT 8, PS 16/15/15 and 3 Fury to spare). I keep thinking of him as a really good light warbeast, and I think playing him like one is the key. If I lose the infantry exchange he's cheap enough to go crazy with Tendrils and make up for it as well.
Warpwolf Stalker
I like this one a lot. Pathfinder, built in reach, very high PS attacks, and even Berserk if I really need to blend some infantry. He's a jack of all trades, master of most of them, which is really impressive. Primal and strength can push him to PS 20, so the list of models he can't destroy is really really short. He also has Prowl, which is incredible on a heavy of his caliber, allowing me to avoid losing him to ranged attacks in 95% of my games (all theory of course).
*shakes fist* work you damn hippies! This time I'll spread them out like mad, and see how that works, and perhaps they don't all need to be on the front line to do their thing. I think I'll try three of them up front to provide concealment, and the rest as second line models.
Shifting Stones
There will be a lot of Cygnar players present (about 25% of the tournament actually), but most of their heavy guns don't ignore stealth. I still don't understand half the stunts these things can perform, but maybe I will after Saturday.
I've run into a problem with them, as they need a flank to play well, but the upkeep removal needs to be able to reach both sides of the table. Perhaps my beasts will need to flank more, while the Bloodweavers take the center, but against Warjack heavy lists (I know there will be an eNemo tier list) they'll have to settle for speed-bump duty.
Druid Wilder
Advance, throw Animus on something, then probably die. She'll be flanking with the Feral, so Krueger can remain safely hidden down back when I send the Feral on a Suicide/Sprint mission.
The first game she died without doing anything. The second game she just didn't do anything. Third game must be the charm. I think she needs to get further up the field, and screw the risk of getting killed.
Lord of The Feast
Stupid Gun Mage, daddy Feast is coming for you. I just need him to advance some infantry within range of a charge, so I can boost the Raven and beam to the GM units. Cygnar players have so many nice things down back they don't like losing.

I've come to the conclusion that all players should run a second faction. It gives you an entirely different perspective on many things in the game, and when facing up against a list you know intimately you'll have a huge advantage (assuming you're not in a mirror match game of course).



  1. Feck, I need reinforcements as well *wanders off to look in the box of stuff* Wolf Riders maybe?

    1. The Stormwrath does love him some Wolf Riders. The only thing I'd worry about is needing Lightning Tendrils on too many pieces, and not having a Woldwarden to absorb the cost of that or Gallows Groves (is that what they're called?) to reposition it safely.

  2. I'm thinking about a team of solos right now. Totem Hunter, Whitemane, Blackclad, and... Something worth two points.

  3. I've been thinking about running a second faction too. The most ideal thing would be to pick a hordes faction, but none of them really appeal to me. That leaves me only warmachine factions. Been thinking about some retribution, but I'm not sure about anything atm, besides that I need to play a lot more Cryx and basically learn the game a bit more :)

    1. I still find Warmachine armies more interesting, simply because of the wide selection of mercenaries and solo characters available, but I must admit that running great big Warbeasts is interesting :)

    2. Atm I think I would enjoy playing Retribution more than playing a hordes faction. The idea of running a hordes army as well is still a bit appealing, but like I said, none of them seem that interesting. I'm mostly into the evil stuff (like CryxLOL :)) and that really only leaves Legion, which I have played against too much :)

  4. I definitely think that picking out a second faction is worth it in terms of perspective.

    I would advise folks to grab one from the other system, as well. You'll understand focus/fury better once you've had to manage it, frankly. It's not about the color of the grass, it's about learning different types of landscaping.

    That, and from the hobby POV, it's also nice to get away from your normal paint scheme and the like. Going from painting lots of dudes in armor and robots to a lot of flesh and fur is a great way to expand your horizons as a hobbyist as well.

  5. Or I could paint Necrotite-powered Cyborg Warpwolves! You're right though, I understand the Fury system a lot better after just two games with it.

    I love how they can balance two different system so well against each other, though I think the Fury system is pulling ahead with the new time restrictions.

  6. I think your right about learning to understand the fury mechanics better by actually playing a hordes faction is the best way to go. I have been think the exactly same thing about the focus/fury balancing. It's pretty impressive that they have managed to balance it so much, but fury is still more powerful imo. Being able to go all in if you need to, having all your warbeasts put out 3 or 4 focus is huge. It's like having +10ish focus or more in a turn, and the punishment for doing it isn't worth talking about imo. Add in fury management solos and it's not a problem /: