Sunday, March 25, 2012

Better late than never!

I finally got around to introducing myself! Hjelmen is my usual nick' on all the gaming forums I frequent, so you might have seen me around. Ye have been warned!

I've been playing Warmachine/Hordes since, I think, mid-2007, but have been involved in miniatures gaming for much, much longer. I started out playing Blood Bowl, then moved on to Warhammer 40.000, and after the long dark tea-time of miniatures gaming that is the late teens, I picked up a Legion of Everblight army for Hordes in Mk1. After a while, I picked up a Searforge army.

Suddenly! Mk2! I tested Searforge extensively during the field test, and once the Hordes Mk2 field test came around I had totally lost contact with LoE, so I sold them off. And until recently, I had never looked back from the Searforge Commission.

I've had Cryx as well, but I couldn't figure out how to handle all those tricks, so they went too. Lately I have been prepping a Thornfall Alliance army, a Khador army (lovingly referenced by Lamoron as the "Gun Carriages at Dawn"-list), a Blindwater Congregation army, and expanding my Mercenaries quite aggressively. Some of that will probably get sold off again, as I come to terms with the facts of life and that there just isn't time for everything!

I hope to be able to provide some quality articles for The Overseer, and while I do have a tendency to ramble on a bit, there is usually some sensible stuff in there somewhere!


  1. Welcome! Out of the Mercenary and Minion contracts, who do you see as being the most competitive or potential to be competitive when they get fleshed out a bit? If you rank them that would be just dandy, thanks and awesome to see you adding to Lamoron's blog!

    1. Thank you!

      Hm, there is an article in that, although I'm not sure the points drawn from it will be exactly what you expect.

      I have another article on the block, but I'll start mulling this over in the ol' noggin, and see what I can come up with.

  2. Hello Hjelmen. Looking forward to reading some stuff from you ;) Hopefully I'll get around to dragging my lazy ass down to FROB one of these days :)