Saturday, March 31, 2012

Quite Interesting: Taking away the doubt

This little article about dice is worth your time. It mirrors something I've been saying for years and while we can all succumb to the aptly named "dice rape", most games can be won in spite of it.
By removing any possible idea your dice are rolling high/low due to imperfections, superstition or any other related issue.  By removing the doubt from your mind, you are increasing your ability to look at a situation logically and objectively.  To succeed in Hordes/Warmachine or any other miniature game  strategic planning and logical thought processes are required.  If anything is distracting you from this then your success outcome is lessened.  Dice doubt is one of these issues that often goes unappreciated and put under the ‘dice are dice’ phrase – as if that eases the blow.
- Rich Loxam


  1. Oooh, pink ones. I may have to get new dice. :D

  2. Over that last couple of months I've begun to hate my own dice more and more. So much that I've decided to get myself a new set , as soon as I have the time to go to the local gaming store. I don't know why, but my dice are treacherous bunch, that insist on failing crucial rolls all the time. Tried to borrow some from a mate in our last game, and the result was a vast improvement :D It's kinda funny, but still also a bit tragic.

    I may have to show the new dice what will happen if they fail too much. Death by crushing!