Monday, March 5, 2012

Well, hallo!


For some reason Lamoron - no doubt due to a momentary lapse of reason - asked me to contribute with some thoughts on playing the horde from the Scharde Islands. Possibly a thought or two on the druids too in time, I suspect (Lamoron and I tend to play the same factions it seems, though for quite different reasons, I'm sure). It sounded like fun, so here's a short introduction.

My name is Roar (Sinfule on the PP forums) and I’m the newest (first) guest writer on this fine blog. I've played the wonderful little game of Warmachine since 2004. During Mk. 1 it was mostly Menoth, some Khador, some mercs and a little Cryx. After a hiatus during the final days of Mk. 1, as Legends made the game unplayable for me at least, I came back during the field test for Mk. 2 and found my self in need of a new set of challenges, playing wise and painting wise, so I decided to get myself some zombie robots.

These days I'm quite the casual gamer and a casual painter. A demanding job and a baby girl keep me occupied for most of my time, but I try to play as many games as I can and get an hour or so of painting time each night when the house is quiet for once. This means that I don't participate in as many tournaments as I'd like, but hopefully I'm able to write up some battle rapports on the few tournaments I manage to get.

I small word of warning: I’m not really into building the strongest lists possible. I’m into building lists leading to interesting games. Perhaps sometime next year I’ll get around painting up and playing Bane Thralls and their sugar daddy, but I have absolute no intention to do so as of yet. When I finally get to play a game, I don’t want to play with models requiring no or very little though. Or facing opponents who whine from the word go about my selection of Broken Overpowered Models™.

First off is as promised a spotlight on the Mortenebra Theme Force, one of my absolute favorites, I’m quite the hell jack lover. Now you’re thinking: How the hell do the two last sentences add up? Isn’t the Infernal Machine as cookie cutter as it gets? For now I can only say that I never use and do not own more than a single Slayer. See you soon.


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