Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DM qualifier the 24th

Time to break out Cryx again. It's a character unrestricted tournament using the Deathclock variant, which should prove interesting as I've never tried that before. There are a couple of possibilities since it's a non-painted tournament as well, though fielding painted models does feel better.

I've done some checking and the tournament will be sort of strange if all my guesses are correct. The main lists should be something like Circle (Kromac), Circle (eKaya), Cryx (eDeneghra), Cryx (eAsphyxious), Cygnar (Siege), Cygnar (eCaine), Cygnar (eHaley), Cygnar (Kraye), Legion (eThagrosh), Legion (unknown), Trollbloods (eDoomshaper), Trollbloods (eMadrak), two unknown and one slot open due to cancellation.

Kromac should be no problem for Terminus, and eKaya is problematic but not difficult. eDeneghra and eAsphyxious are tough dance partners depending on scenario, but the eDeneghra player is new to Cryx and eAsphyxious I can handle. Siege and Kraye should be pie depending on list composition, but eCaine and eHaley are bastards. Thagrosh is easy enough, but the other Legion player could well be running Saeryn.

Booo Cygnar, go home!
Doomshaper is a problem because of his insane threat ranges and my lack of trample-blocking models, though mostly because of the guy running them (one tournament he had five games and a grand total of 11 rounds played, winning all but one game in turn two, though he's out of practice which might help). eMadrak is a hard list to face, with cavalry and piles of infantry, but I should be able to pull through if I can block the worst damage with a few tough rolls here and there, and Machine Wraiths to to deny him space.

That leaves me with eDeneghra, eCaine, eHaley, and Saeryn to deal with. That sounds a lot like a pDenny ranged list, though Terminus will have to deal with eCaine as best he can. I do want to do something a little different from my regular pDeneghra lists, so maybe it's time to try the Boomhowlers setup I've been considering.



  1. Could you please do an eDenny spotlight? I've really been considering her and would like to read your thoughts.

  2. There's a problem right there because I've run eDenny exactly once and didn't much like her. I have to say though that you can't really go wrong with her as she's a incredibly powerful caster. If I had to give it my best theory-machine shot I'd say that Blackbane's Ghost Raiders would be incredibly funny with her (almost makes me want to try it).

  3. Well she sort of seems like a more balanced version of pDenny? Like one that doesn't make your opponent hate you quite so much?

  4. It's usually considered to be the other way around, since eDeneghras feat completely locks down the enemy models instead of slowing them down to a crawl. eDeneghra is considered more powerful and more annoying, and when I began playing pDeneghra was considered a middle tier caster :)

  5. Its funny that you say you dont have a handle on edenny cause i was going to say that shes my go to person versus a number of the casters you dont want to put terminus up against. ITs actually because of you why i started playing terminus, and use him as much as i can. But when big T cant get the job done then edenny usually compliments his bad match ups rather well.

    Maybe its just luck but ive always been able to smash ecaine lists with terminus, but they arent masters level players either.

    all i can say is that edenny is our best caster vs. saeryn. and when you know you cant win by caster kill she can certainly get it done on scenario lol.

  6. I know you're right, but it's hard for me to venture down the beaten path. eSkarre, eAsphyxious, and eDeneghra all seemed like something everyone ran when I found Warmachine, so I picked casters that were deemed middle-tier at the time.

    I've only ever faced eCaine with Terminus twice, and I won both games, but it felt like poor choices from my opponents allowed me to win, and a better player would have taken me down.