Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Welcome to Hjelmen & Grønlykke

I've invited a couple of additional writers. Hjelmen (The Helmet) is lovingly known as Mr. Stickybrains and is very rarely wrong about rules (also he took Searforge to the Danish Masters 2011 and won). Grønlykke took third at the Danish Masters with his Skorne, did very well in the painting competition, and is generally considered the luckiest player in Denmark.

Grønlykkes Skorne
It will probably take a while before we see them posting, but I'm happy to have them aboard and they'll add a lot to the diversity of the site. I know Roar is translating his guide on speed-painting Arc Nodes and making them look great as well.

His speed-paint > My best efforts
I'm also looking at options for moving the site, as I find the options for cooperative blogs very limited here at Blogspot. I've been happy with it while I've been the only author, but with the new arrivals I find it lacking some very basic options that Wordpress seems to deliver. The only problem is that I actually have to pay for it, but I think that's where we'll end up unless something better presents itself.


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