Sunday, April 10, 2011

Avengers... assemble!

After spending most of this sunny Sunday with glue, green stuff, and paint, I've got everything assembled and primed for the qualifier on Saturday (just missing arcs and facing, but I took a break to let my back rest). After all this work I really hope I don't fall flat on my ass, but as always it's about setting realistic goals. I usually go in with the intention of winning just one game, and if I can do that I can be satisfied, but this time I have to actually do better.

In the last tournament I won three out of three games, and took first place, but that was without time limits, without hardcore movement rules, and without stakes. This time my goal is to be in the top five. There are 14-16 players, so that would be the upper third of the list, and if I can do that I'm satisfied. Should I fail then... well... then...


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