Sunday, April 10, 2011

Scavengers are ugly!

I've put mine together and added some wings from Micro Art Studio (my charger for my digital camera remains missing so no pictures so far), but the legs...

The legs are making me cry. Privateer Press' attempt at sculpting the thing walking on claws failed miserably, and if you turn the legs around they look slightly better but now it looks like it has tiny elf boots on it's feet. The solution so far is to mount them on flying stands, which seems to work fairly well, but every time I look at those feet I cringe. These are the wings I've used for the two Scavengers:

The first set is used for a Scavenger gliding in for a landing, and the second is on a Scavenger diving in for a kill. I'm very pleased with the two models, except of course for the feet. I've searched every available bits box, and I can't find anything that even remotely looks like clawed feet in the appropriate size.

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