Saturday, April 23, 2011

Terminus... that man is TOUGH.

So I drove to Silkeborg (a town some 25 miles away) to participate in their 35 point tournament, along with a couple of other guys from my club. As I wrote before, I'd decided to field Terminus in every game if at all possible, so my other list was mainly in case of Irusk... really hate that guy.

Now in my club I'm the only regular Cryx player, though another has begun showing up recently (an old member of the club, I just didn't see him the first couple of months), but facing Cryx is something I'd only done twice before... but when I arrived there were twelve players, and six of us brought Cryx... I mentally prepared for some crappy games without souls for Terminus, and lined up for the first game.

Game 1: Terminus Vs. Mortenebra; Overrun.
The guy was pretty nice before we got to playing, but he had a little bit to learn about etiquette at the tables. In my rounds it was very important for me to measure exactly, tell him every detail, and explain my powers. While that's fine with me he didn't exactly return the favor, and instead told me I brought the wrong models with Terminus and how many games he'd won by using Mechanithralls.

Now the list I brought did indeed lack infantry, and it almost killed me in the game when my lines were broken and a Seether came close to getting through, but a couple of lucky (according to my opponent, average according to statistics) tough checks blocked his path. After my "useless" Bane Thralls munched every heavy he had, Mortenebra actually made an assassination run on Terminus though she had zero chance at making it, but just to add insult to injury she missed Terminus with every attack she made, and when Terminus retaliates... well...

Game 2: Terminus Vs. pSorscha; Killbox.
Now this game was against Khador, and against one of my favorite opponents from the club. He's a better player than I am, but every time we play my dice become avatars of flaming destruction and he looses. So again I mess up because I'm lacking enough infantry to block him out, and Terminus get's to say hello to Beast09. It takes him a focus to charge, and after the initial hits Terminus goes down. Now it all comes down to the 5+ Touch check, and the dice avatars awaken. After B09 was done Terminus had made three consecutive Tough checks.

The Leviathan get's two focus, walks over and headbuts B09, Terminus charges Sorcha and another win for me. I really felt sorry for the guy, because even IF it was a Bane Thrall and not Terminus, I made three consecutive Tough checks and won the game last time we played as well. I should have been out of the race here, but the dice would have it differently and so I moved on to the semi finals.

Game 3: Terminus Vs. Stryker; Close Quarters.
Now this I could handle. He probably should have brought his Siege list, but he was having fun, which is definitively alright with me. I'd learned my lesson from the two other games, so now I was using the Leviathan to block access to Terminus with a pile of Thralls flanking them. This game was a lot better, and I was never in any real danger since his list was rather poor against mine; so after his Gun Mages died to a Madelyn Corbeau moved Bile the game was basically over. I got Terminus to ARM 32 and Stryker got munched. We had a really fun and relaxed game, and I'm looking forward to facing the man again. Another win put me in the finals, so for the last and final game I faced another member of my club.

Game 4: Terminus Vs. eSkarre; Capture the flag.
I'd never faced eSkarre before, and I'd actually never faced the player behind her either, but it was one of the most relaxed game I've ever had, and a more pleasant opponent is hard to find. The game was a prolonged slaughter on both sides, and in the end it came down to him playing for a draw or just going ahead and doing something silly. He had an opportunity for the draw, which would have required me to accept it or put Terminus in range of a charge from Skarre. Now had he done it I would have taken the chance, and if that failed I would have lost. He decided to call it a day, and accept second place with a better strength of schedule with me as the winner, so he took second in the tournament.

So now I'm a proud(ish) owner of a coin... go me... I really should have lost the second game though so it doesn't "feel" deserved, but I'm a lot more comfortable putting down Terminus than I ever was with Mortenebra. Now what did I learn today?
  • I need more Bane Thralls. Ten simply isn't enough. I also need the UA in one of those because having stationary Banes clogging up lanes was annoying against Sorscha. So another unit of banes with UA, will be 8 points.
  • Skarlock... turned out to be a model that did nothing at all, except the game where he won it for me. I wouldn't have gotten Sorcha if he hadn't cast Ravager on Terminus for free, so he's a hard choice. I think he's staying in, but I need to accept that he will do nothing at all except for when he wins me the game.
  • Leviathan... did next to nothing in most games, but turned out to be a great road block and soaked a lot of fire. He was the only thing I could bog down a Deathjack with, though it cost him all but three boxes to do so.
  • Bile Thralls... like the Skarlock these guys did nothing at all for three out of four games, but in the third game they won it for me by destroying the two full units that were giving me issues (Gun Mages being the worst)
So, I guess I'll stick with the man... Terminus... the man that makes up for all my mistakes as a player.


  1. I now understand why you hate playing irusk with terminus, i had a game against a freind today and he fielded irusk. Between the 4+ tough rolls, the winterguard sprays, the kayazi mini feat running through my front lines, and great bears rolling 5d6 on charge attacks vs. terminus i was f'd.

  2. I've found a way "around it". Most pIrusk players are very sure their army will survive their feat round, and very reckless with it, so if I can get corrosion on a pile of models I go ahead and counter-feat anyway.

    It's about giving him a great opportunity to feat, that gives you a massive advantage if he doesn't, and then putting up Bile Thralls to take advantage of it.

    It's still nowhere near a sure thing, but it did get rid of my nervous ticks whenever I saw a pIrusk list :D