Monday, April 18, 2011

This is my Terminus...

Since I'm going to try out Terminus in a tournament setting, I had to revisit my model. This is my current Terminus. While I'm pretty happy with him as it is, time has shown him to be impossible to transport without breakage. If I need to travel around the country I'll need something that's easy to pack and doesn't break.

Since I have another Terminus model already, I thought I might make myself a new Terminus altogether, with detachable wings and a new pose. Detachable wings require new wings... plastic wings... so I ordered these today. They're Lord of The Rings Balrog wings, and amazingly they were available as bits on the GW homepage.

I also need a new head for him, and not because it's hard to transport, but because Terminus is one ugly lump of metal. This guy here simply used a Machine Wraith head, which I happen to have in my box of random stuff, so I'll be trying that out.

Since I've owned three Terminus models so far, I have two swords in surplus, so depending on the model I might try and make Terminus a weapon like eThagrosh, only much bigger (size does matter!).

I also need to work on his pose, and I'll be taking my inspiration from this guy here, but as my green/grey stuff skills are nowhere near that guys, I'll be aiming lower... a lot lower...

New wings, new head, new pose, and possibly a new weapon, unless I can manage a detachable repose like the one in the picture above, which looks bloody awesome. I don't think this project will be finished anytime soon, but one never knows.

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