Monday, April 11, 2011

The Scavenger is... amazing?

Tonight I faced Trolls in my first 50 points game ever, and what a game. I faced Mulg for the first time, and though it was really painful, it was rather funny seeing him wreck two Helljacks in a round. I made some stupid mistakes in deployment, and I payed for it when Grim popped his feat and basically shut down my army for a round.

I tried to minimize the damage, and sacrificed a Harrower to keep my army in fighting shape, but it was a mess when my turn finally came. I lost all three Slayers and my Harrower, taking out 4/5 Helljacks as well as one of the Sirens. I had to finish it right there and then, since I wouldn't last another round.

Accurate portrayal of Grims last moments!
Two Helldivers pop up with lanes to Grim Angus, Mortenebra walks up and feats before casting Terminal Velocity and Spectral steel one Helldiver. The Helldiver charges Grim and rolls triple six on damage... sadly he had a Fury to transfer, but doing 31 damage on a charge with a 3 point model was fun though ultimately pointless.

Second Helldiver gets a Focus from a Siren and charges for 25 damage against ARM17, but misses his second attack. Then Deryliss moves up and moves Spectral Steel to a Scavenger that's just within range of Grim, so with Flight, Terminal Velocity, Finisher, and it's one focus, it charges up and beaks Grim in the face for 29 damage... he makes his Tough check. I buy another attack for my Focus and of course he makes another Tough check...

With only one chance left the last Harrower moves up, Ghost shot to the face, and Grim finally fails his tough check. One more tough check and I would have lost, but for once I had a deserved win, even if it was way to close for my taste. So while the Scavenger didn't actually kill Grim Angus, he should have...

I have to admit that the Scavenger is worth every point in a Mortenebra army. It's a nigh unstoppable homing missile taking out any caster that isn't ARM20+, as long as it has a damage point on it. With two Focus it can do two fully boosted weaponmaster attacks with re-rolls to hit and damage.


  1. So are helldivers any good if you aren't using mortenebra?

    1. It depends on the rest of your army comp.
      If you're running a fast, 'get it over with ASAP' army, you're going to find them lagging behind. I usually run them alongside banes and Helljacks, because when the front lines of both armies collide, the Dirt Dolphins can burrow and reappear behind theirs, and continue on their merry way.