Monday, April 18, 2011

I did end up getting a game.

The club wasn't exactly brimming with people tonight, but I did end up getting a game against a Menoth player I'd never faced before. Very nice guy who brought a Severius list with a lot of infantry and a couple of warjacks. I used my new and improved Terminus list, with 20 Bane Thralls, 2 Leviathans, Bile Thralls, and all the Terminus regulars. The list was only 35 models in a 50 points game, and the tactics were really simple, but I couldn't handle timed turns tonight so that will have to wait.

I did what I always do with Terminus, and ran everything up. We were playing Killbox so I knew he couldn't run forever if I pushed him hard. My Leviathans couldn't target his jacks due to the choir, but i did feed one some Focus to take shots at some support models, but it missed every shot on 7+ and I didn't get to shoot again. The Bane Thralls made a wall to prevent assaults on the Leviathans, and I let him have his turn.

I got shot up as expected, by rockets, fire, and grenades. The thing is, I don't think he really knew what Terminus was capable of, and he came way to close with his infantry. One round of slaughter later, Terminus was sitting on ARM 35 and the game was over. We did play the last turn, and my army got mauled badly, but he had nowhere to run with Severius so it really didn't matter. A Bile purged everything that was blocking Terminus, and he annihilated Severius in one hit (ran in a Bane Thrall... hitting at P+S 20 is crazy).

Terminus is an exceptional caster, because even when you mess up he can just keep on trucking. He was on fire for three rounds and who cares... he got charged by MAT8 weapon masters on his feat turn, and who cares. I rolled a bit below average on my Tough checks, and I need to work on my range guessing, but Terminus is such a bad ass that nothing matters as long as he gets to his target.

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