Monday, April 4, 2011

The Stalker...

I've been thinking about the Stalker a lot lately. Now in most armies the Stalker is crap, but in a Mortenebra army I think it could be just what the doctor ordered. It's fast, it has stealth, and it's really hard to hit with DEF16, so with 35 tons of steel and necrotite bearing down on his army, I think most opponents will tend to ignore the Stalker until it's to late.

The thing I look for in an assassination attempt is mostly: "what happens when I fail". This has saved my bacon a lot of times already, and I see people loosing every game night, when the "sure thing" blows up in their face. This means that attempts that will allow my caster to remain safe is right there at the top of the list, and the Stalker comes close.

Mortenebra assigns the Stalker three Focus, activates Terminal Velocity, Feats, and moves up to within 15" of the opposing caster, assuming that everything else is deemed possible of course.
- Deryliss casts Spectral Steel on the Stalker, so it can ignore free strikes and pass through impassible terrain if needed.
- If you need a lane cleared, you could try using the Harrower to clear it.
- Deathjack can charge for free with TV up, so it spends it's two Focus casting Overrun on itself. This needs to work and it doesn't matter if you kill anything of value, so go for a sure kill. If you can kill something while allowing yourself a measure of safety in case the assassination fails, do so.

- Now when Overrun procs on the Deathjack, you move the Stalker up seven inches, while making sure you have a direct charge lane to the caster. Remember that impassible terrain and free strikes are taken care of, but you still need to be able to see the caster, and Ghostly does not allow you to charge through models.
- When charging remember to stay inside Mortenebras control area, or this entire plan falls apart. Mortenebra is 15 inches back, so with the size of your Stalkers base, and ½ inch melee range, this should be no problem at all.

This now gives you three fully boosted MAT7 & POW12 attacks, with re-rolls to both attack and damage. In addition they ignore Focus camping, Tough, Transfers, and spell effects that add to DEF/ARM. This will absolutely slaughter anything with less than ARM16 (remember to account for non-spell effects that add to DEF/ARM).

I'll be testing it out tonight, but I think I found a winner here.

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