Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lich Lord Terminus, the debuff king?

I've always been telling my opponents that Terminus does nothing for his troops except give them Tough, but that's not entirely true, and especially not so when running the stealth list. The main issues for Bane Thralls will always be to actually hit the things they're charging, and of course we bring Tartarus to remedy that problem, but Terminus actually brings a debuff to the game: Malediction.

In the history of debuffs it's hard to find one with a shorter range, and in every game so far I've been using it only on the assassination run (upkeeping it the entire game of course, but not really using it), but as I stood in the shower just now I realized that Terminus actually has great synergy with the Bane Thralls. In my post before I talked about running in a Bane Thrall to make Terminus his at PS20, but what about the other way around?

You have a target that for some reason it's unattractive to charge with Terminus. This could be because it's just an inch out of range, or because killing it would require Focus and thus put Terminus in danger. The target is however in range of the Bane Thrall shield, but is feeling safe enough due to high defenses and a lot of health left (DEF 14+, if they already took care of Tartarus, is hard for Thralls). If the range is a problem you can get another inch out of Terminus by running, and thus getting in range. If the issue is bait, you can run to a position that is easier to defend, and avoid weakening Terminus.

The effect you gain from this is, that your Bane Thralls suddenly get +2 MAT & STR on the target. If you kept Tartarus safe and he uses his curse, you could charge a target with Bane Thralls, effectively rolling 4d6+15 at MAT10, which would take out almost anything on average, if you get four Thralls on it. It's probably not a trick for every game, but it's nice to remember if your stuck with few Thralls, no Tartarus, and a heavy you can't kill with Terminus because of the danger he would put himself in by doing so.

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