Sunday, April 3, 2011

Danish Masters 2011

Now I'm no new kid on the block when it comes to miniature boardgames, and until a couple of moths ago I was playing wh40k, and had been doing so since back in 2nd edition. Pay particular notice to the "had" in that sentence, because since I picked up Warmachine, my 20.000+ points of Imperial Guard & Orks have seen no table time.

Warmachine is a superior system with very few flaws, and I love it. Now I've never played any tournaments in my many years with Warhammer, and to be frank I never really thought I would, but since all my friends suddenly began reproducing I lost most of my local gaming group, and something had to be done: I joined my local club, and had some major success there despite my lack of experience. (

Now initially I was very nervous being out of my little pond, but after a couple of games I realized that I could roll with the best of them, even with my lack of experience. Now I've participated in two casual tournaments, and I even won one of them. Admittedly I brought the toughest army I could find, and I had some luck, but this makes me think I have a shot at avoiding total humiliation at a serious tournament, and so I decided to go.

The qualification tournaments begin in a couple of weeks, so I'm getting some games in with the two Warcasters I've decided to run with, and I'll let you know how it goes. I have game nights every Monday, and the first qualifiers are April 16th, so I've got precious little time.

Hope you'll enjoy this Blog, and if not I get to think things through while writing them, so I still win.


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