Thursday, April 7, 2011


Borrowed my dads sports car last night in order to celebrate spring and take my woman out for a spin. Now this is the first time I've ever borrowed it, and it wasn't really a success. Sure it was fun racing around, but that car was designed for midgets (which is okay, since my dad is a head shorter than me)! After half an hour I had cramps in my neck and back, and when I awoke this morning I had a splitting headache. So, accepting I'll get little to no work done today, I decided to take a look at the Leviathan I found in my mail when I got to work.

This of course leads me to a second, if rather more pleasant, headache... I would really like to include a Leviathan in my 50 point army (though finding room for it is proving very difficult). The Leviathan is a weird Helljack, and as such I've been having trouble making myself "see" the potential, but it gives me something a Mortenebra army badly needs: A reason for the opposition to stay back or come forward.

Staying back: With Overrun from Deryliss on something else I can get the Leviathan 5" forward (or 10" if I walk when I activate it, but then there's no aiming bonus), then you can assign it a Focus with a Warwitch Siren, move up Mortenebra, Feat, and because of her Interface rule the Leviathan can aim and spend 8 Focus that round. This is three completely boosted shots, with re-rolls, at POW 13-15, which should hurt: 3d6+7 RAT, 3d6+13-15 DAM

There are many casters that will die from it, and so they'll have incentive to stay back. The thing is, that last Mondays game taught me that even with re-rolls the dice will screw you over, and this Leviathan assassination will leave me high and dry if it fails, which is something I really don't like. In addition to that, the damage it can do is really pathetic for 8 Focus. Now for three Focus I can get two boosted damage shots, which sounds a lot better to me, but won't assassinate anyone. That's 10 damage inflicted on a ARM 20 jack, with 5+ to hit, and most likely outside of charge range.

Coming forward: The Leviathan can also force a confrontation against melee armies, in case I get outwitted and end up against a melee heavy army, since play testing clearly showed that being aggressive against such an army is pure folly.

Conclusion: So what do I really need the Leviathan for? ... support and solo hunting. I hate having to commit a jack to charge in and kill them, because that will leave me bad choices every round. Do I sacrifice this jack or allow that support to live another round and screw me over. With the Leviathan I can get some of them while staying safe(ish), and Overrun can also be used to juggle the Leviathan if needed: Walk, shoot, trigger Overrun, walk back to safety, if 13" range isn't enough to keep the Levi out of harms way.

That being said... I'm still not sold. This thing hogs so much Focus it's making me dizzy, and will need two or more Focus every round in order to do anything, much less live up to it's potential. Since I have one Focus in surplus on an average round, something has to change or I have to leave my Levi at home, and just bring more Slayers to sacrifice in order to take out annoying solos.


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