Monday, April 4, 2011

A... sort of victory... I guess.

I faced an eVlad army tonight, with Doomreavers, Ironfangs, a Juggernaut, Two Manhunters, Yuri, Drakhun, and Great Bears. We rolled killbox and I won the roll for deployment. It's not particularly important what happened in the game, because in his turn two he moved backwards to avoid getting a Harrower to the face, and forgot we were playing killbox.

Since I had discovered exactly nothing about my army at that point, we decided to keep on playing, and I promptly overextended my army and was more or less annihilated. Mortenebra might be down, but she's not out as long as she has Deryliss and a Warjack, so I figured out how to kill Vlad (took me long enough though).

Slayer gets three Focus, Overrun, Spectral Steel, Terminal Velocity, Mortenebra Feats, and the Slayer charges an Ironfang pikeman, procs Overrun, and walks around the Juggernaut and over to Vlad. Now Vlad had his feat up, so I was rolling damage at -3, and had 3d6+7 MAT and re-rolls. That's five claw attacks (horns were used to kill the pikeman and the charge was free), at 2d6-3 damage with re-rolls, and of course I failed to kill him (sigh).

I learned that I need more Slayers and that the Internet should shut up. I discovered that the Stalker is useless if the opponent hides behind an infantry screen, and I learned that the Deathjack cannot survive Doomreavers on feat turn. Still think I'll bring the Stalker next time, but I need to be more aggressive with it, and less aggressive with everything else.

Time to think up a new list for next Monday, and threaten Maelstrom games with death and destruction if they don't get my Bane Knights in the mail so I have them for the qualifiers the 16th.

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