Wednesday, November 16, 2011

100.000 page views coming up.

The Overseer should hit 100.000 page views before Christmas, which is a staggering number when I think about it, and far beyond anything I had ever imagined. It's a strange feeling, somewhere between pride and gratitude, but I just wanted to thank you all, because I sincerely doubt I would be motivated to write all this, if no one bothered to read it.


  1. Continue writing. I've learned a great deal about this game through your blog. There's a lot for an aspiring Cryx player to learn here.

  2. Me2. Usually read it every day. I learn a lot of different things, and I get a lot of inspiration for lists. Most likely the best Cryx blog around!

  3. Lots of great advice, and I always enjoy hearing ideas that go against the grain of popular opinion.

    Also, all of the tactics articles you post are really costing me a lot more money than I planned to spend as I now want to field all these sweet models ;)

  4. It's a fantastic resource from an insightful player. Please keep writing!