Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Spoiler: Archidon (Skorne)

It's a flying Heavy Warbeast. It's seven points. It's in a faction with eMakeda. I'm not familiar with the finer points of Skorne beast handling, but I can see where this is going: eMakeda, Archidon, Road to War, Instruments of War, Rush, and Leash.

I'm not entirely sure how we're supposed to survive a heavy warbeast, coming from seventeen inches away, ignoring intervening models, ignoring free strikes, and delivering five boosted MAT 6 and PS 17 attacks. I've been doing this with Scavengers for a while, but this one is far deadlier, and won't care shit about non-living casters. It's also in the same type of lists that will feature Molik Karn... sigh...


  1. I won't lie, that sounds fun enough to make me want to try Skorn as a second faction

  2. Most common way I know of defending against free strike ignoring flyers is not leaving enough room for them to land.

  3. I've been doing flying assassinations with Mortenebra for quite some time, and it's awfully hard to defend against, as just one sliver of an inch can allow a run :D

  4. I don't recall eMakeda's Fury stat but you cannot force a beast that strays outside your control area.

    Yeah I'm not sure how to defend against one but I'd better start thinking. My buddy plays Skorne and he loves him some Molik Karn. I can bet this thing will land on my wargame table shortly.

    Guess its good timing that I'm building a Venethrax list...