Tuesday, November 29, 2011

pGoreshade: Trial run

I took the pGoreshade list out for a spin last night, and found myself facing another horrible match-up. It was a T4 eKaya list, which means he had the same advantages I had (mostly stealth), longer threat range, and the ability to impact my lines twice before I got to retaliate.
  • Upsides: Wrong Eye putting twenty points of damage on a Warpwolf Stalker.
  • Downsides: Everything else.
I'll stand by the opinion that any game can be won in spite of massive dice rape, but it requires something I certainly didn't have last night: knowledge and skill. Snapjaw spent four attacks missing at 6+, The Withershadow Combine missed five attacks on 7+, Goreshade himself rolled snake eyes on the one attack he actually did make, and my Bane Thralls hit with two out of six attacks on 6+.

I just didn't have the experience needed to work around those dice, and my army was horrible (a lot worse than I thought!). He almost did lose the game, since he got cocky, but a Gorax took down Goreshade with my opponents last available activation.
  • Stalker: It's a piece of junk without the ability to Ghost Walk. It seemed so promising, but it's just to slow to be of any use, and without the ability to ignore free strikes it dies before it can get close. I'll try without them.
  • The Withershadow Combine: Not actually that useful. I'll try without them.
The list needs flow like nothing I've ever put on a table before, so Saxon Orrik is definitively going in that list. It also needs a screen, so Bane Thralls go in there (Knights wont survive in a list where everything else is stealth). It makes the list slightly boring, and I was hoping to avoid the Bane Thralls, but I get to keep the Cankerworm and learn how to use the Nightmare.

Edit: Seethers could be worth a look as well.


  1. I've a couple Goreshade lists and the Withershadow are not included. Like you I find they don't do much for him.

    Pity on your Stalker experience because I'm running pGore's Tier 4 list this week. I haven't touched the Stalker since its MK1 days. My past experience was the thing would get shot to bits. He's probably a bit overcosted for what he does. I hope my experience with them turns out better than yours.

    I do play Seethers with Goreshade and my experience has been good with them. I really like Nightmare with Goreshade because of Reach. You can play a bit of yo-yo with him.

  2. Unless your opponent outthreats you :)

    Stalkers are great with many other casters, so don't give up on them :)