Thursday, November 10, 2011

Spoiler: Storm Troll (Trollbloods)

I had another little "moment" a couple of hours ago. I read about the Storm Troll, and it's Animus causes a model to gain Electro Leap.

The model itself is quite good (someone wrote a spotlight on it here), since it causes disruption to warjacks that hit it, limiting them to initial attacks. It also has critical disruption on it's claws, but that Animus gives me the creeps. It can shoot some models, and it can grant immunity to something we don't really use, but it can also give an Axer Electro Leap.

That's a Thresher attack, where each kill inflicts a POW 10 hit on a model within 4", and since Thresher attacks are simultaneous, they won't leap to models he's already hitting (unless they survive the Thresher of course). Domination is giving me headaches :D


  1. This is incorrect (in regards to simultaneous attacks) as the tactical tip brings up the point that you determine all the leaps before removing models from the table. It isn't as great on a thresher as it could be.

  2. Ah, it procs "on hit", and not on destroyed. That takes the Animus down to completely lame, since the targets will most likely be the other Thresher targets anyway.

  3. Well, it may not be that great with an axer, but it still enables a multi-attack warbeast to hit stuff up to 4" away with some clever positioning. Not to mention that you don't give a damn about the DEF. So it's def. not a lame animus, not for a fury cost of one.

    But yeah, Domination looks a bit like a headache. Think the goodies handed out like candy (blackspot to skorne for Christs sake) by PP overshadow the stuff most faction got from wrath. On the other hand: Temps one to start a hordes faction...which is what I've done.

  4. I'm looking very hard at Legion these days. The reason I think it's lame, is because of the "one Animus" limit, and most Warbeasts have other things they'd rather use.

    Then again, it could be one of those "well, I had nothing better to use" things, that will give him an extra kill here and there.

  5. Guess what I've bought. I already planed to wait for Domination and then start one hordes faction 2012, simply because they are so differnt from WM thanks to fury vs focus.

    Thanks to bartertown I managed to not only grab some 2hand old-sculpt bane thralls+ua for my cryx, but also scored two sweet legion deals for ~half of original price.

    For me legion are kind of the total opposite of cryx.

    Cryx ranged combat sucks a bit and while our jacks aren't that bad, our infantry is just too good to use a lot of them except with a few casters like Morti and eSkarre

    Legion are the best ranged attack faction of hordes and their warbeast&fury management is so good, that it overshadows everything else except for some solos and a few infantry+specific caster combos.

    And...most of the deal was painted. Not good, but good enough to bring them to the local gaming nights while I paint my cryx models.

  6. You lucky bastard! :D

    After Christmas, the monies shall flow forth in a great river, and it shall consume whatever second hand Legion armies dare stand in it's way.