Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Spoiler: Venator Slingers (Skorne)

They're a 4/6 unit, with arcing fire, and each direct hit releases a 3" AoE that causes continuous corrosion. That got my attention, but I was somewhat relieved when I noticed their RAT 5. Then I noticed that Lord Arbiter Hexeris has Black Spot: Give us back our shit!

With Black Spot, they spawn an incredibly powerful AoE, and get to shoot again whenever they hit directly (and they're effectively RAT 7). I also noticed that eHexeris has Vampiric Harvest, so if he activates, moves into range, pops Black Spot, and has a unit of Slingers wipe out a unit, he can get every wounded warbeast in his battlegroup up and running.

More power to Bane Thralls, who couldn't care less and ignore his harvest ability. We didn't need more reasons to bring Bane Thralls though, but who knows, maybe this will turn out to be less powerful on the table (though I can't see how the shield wall units are getting out of this one, so maybe it will end up being to our advantage, since tournament armies will need to consider this).

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