Friday, November 25, 2011

Kommandant Irusk: Beast-09

I remember the first time I encountered Beast-09. It left quite an impression on me, and Terminus had to roll three consecutive Tough checks to survive it (nobody ever came that close before, and nobody has ever been that close to killing him since).

Beast-09 holds a special place of terror in my blackened little heart, making him an obvious choice for my single Warjack with Kommandant Irusk, but I must admit that putting down eleven points of Warjack in such a small game is daunting.

Kommandant Irusk has the Superiority spell, which increases SPD, MAT, and DEF by two, making Beast-09 a seriously scary piece of work, and with the Murderous imprint and Thresher he can wipe out just about anything. It also makes him immune to knockdowns, which is nice as he needs all the Focus he can hog when going in.

If he's damaged by an enemy attack he gets to advance unless already doing so (walking six inches due to superiority), directly towards the offending model, making it a pretty bad idea to shoot him unless you can seriously injure him, and if he's within Gorman's cloud he's a defense fourteen model with armor twenty, so an opponent will have to make some serious effort to cripple him.

Beast-09 is a horribly expensive model in such a small game, but having a centerpiece like that will be a novel experience, and maybe I'll find his flaws while I'm at it (and his Axe is on the list for my Cankerworm project, so it would be nice to find something).


  1. *Cough* Deathjack "intervention" article... *cough cough*

    Also... Irusk? Really?! I mean... look at him! His legs are tiny (practically non-existent!). I just can't take him seriously with his massive torso, long beefy arms and tiny non-legs...

  2. I've always thought he looked more like two midgets on top of each other, trying to pass themselves of as a single person (short stubby arms, and oddly elongated in body) by sharing a coat.

    Is Beast-09 really in the same power category as the Deathjack, or are you referring to the massive blow to my army I'll receive if he dies?

  3. Yes - that's it! It's a midget riding another (smaller) midget! That's why he wears a skirt!

    I just recall reading something quite sensible about a massive points sink and a biiiiig target. Possibly not in the same power category as the Deathjack (although you must admit - the synergies you're talking about with Irusk are pretty nuts) but it's still 11pts of "if this dies, I'm screwed".

    Or is Khador less about Water Theory and more about "axe-to-face theory"? ;)

  4. A bit of both I guess. I don't think I would enjoy ATFT much, but this is about taking a break, so I'm trying to do both :)

    It's still a nasty list, but I'm actually looking forward to caring a bit about what I lose on the table :D

  5. I dabble with Khador lists. Beast-09 is a great jack. It may be 11 points but its 11 points of ARM 20 full damage boxes. Takes a lot of effort to put down. Not many armies have access to the ARM debuffs Cryx tends to carry.

    I have not played him with Irusk but as you point out Superiority and Beast-09 is scary. You already know how to play him - max his DEF and get someone to try to shoot him up a bit. 7 Focus casters are best with this trick due to the 14" control area.

    With Cryx I too have a problem taking anything bigger than 10 points because of our low Cryxian ARM stat and less damage boxes. Khador on the other hand should feel "better" about taking more expensive jacks.

    Glad you're trying other factions. I've suddenly found myself building Hordes beast heavy lists as that's something I really want to mess with for a while. Much different from the Cryxian infantry lists I typically play.

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