Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bone Swarm and Swamp Horror

The two beasts were revealed, and we even have their cards. I was really looking forward to the Bone swarm, but I should have known better.

That's a bit disappointing. It's a light warbeasts, that needs to engage in melee to harvest corpses, and can end up with defense fifteen and armor eighteen. That won't be enough to survive, and against a Warmachine player it most certainly won't, so another beast I'll leave alone for now. The Swamp Horror on the other hand.

It's eight points, and I think I'll leave it at home, but what a beast this is. It's damn near immune to ranged attacks, it has a ton of attacks, and that Animus is just exceptional. I wish Wrong Eye would kick out Snapjaw and bring this guy instead!

Bringing one would mean a Brine with Reach. With Scaverous, Wrong Eye, and a Swamp Horror, Brine can hit a target that began nineteen inches away, though it would mean bringing twenty six points worth of army, tied up on two Lesser Warlocks (probably a bad idea) :D

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