Monday, November 21, 2011

That... was... ugly!

I did scratch my itch, and put pDenny on the table: Bad idea. That list is so darn ugly, that my Skorne opponent quit a couple of minutes into my turn two, with Warbeasts dropping left and right, and his caster being Black Oiled, Withered, and facing another round of shooting without any chance of retaliation (Gorman has some stupid range with Dougal MacNaile to back him up).

I did mess up the movement a bit, but it was never really a game, and so we spent the rest of the evening talking about the thing that makes Cryx so boring to face. It's not hard to locate the problem, but fixing it might be impossible: debuffs.

Having an opponent supercharge Mulg and trounce half your army isn't exactly fun, but at least you can do something about it with deployment, sacrificial units, or sneak in an assassination while he's laughing like a maniac, but with debuffs we go: Oh sorry, were you playing that?
You're a damn good player, but a win with Cryx is always slightly tarnished. I think you might enjoy winning more, if you tried something else.
That's what a fellow player told me, with no ill will, and I thought about it on the way home. I don't actually enjoy winning friendly games, because I feel I'm robbing my opponent if I use the casters I like (Terminus being the exception), so maybe I should have a look at some other factions, and simply field Cryx in tournaments.


  1. Hi. I'm a new WM/Cryx player. I just wanted to say that your blog is the best Cryx blog I have read.

    I will be a little sad to see less Cryx stuff here. But if you need a break, then you need a break.

  2. Thanks mate, but I'm not jumping ship. I still have the Cankerworm to love and cherish, and my Blackbane's Ghost Raiders never stay in the shelves for long :)