Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Desecrator: Trial run

I brought the Desecrators last night, and despite losing the game, I got to test a few theories. It's worse than I thought, but still not nearly as bad as most people claim.
  • Slow: The Harrower has reach, and the Leviathan has a long range gun, but the Desecrator has neither. It's a lot slower than I thought, and bringing two of them really reduces the speed of an army dramatically.
  • Redundant: We have so many things that destroy infantry, and these guys aren't even good at it.
  • Targets: In order to place the templates, we need targets, as scatter ruins the selling point.
There were some nice things as well. Even against an army with very limited infantry, and exceptional speed, and with poor scatters, the dual Scather templates caused a mountain of headaches.
  • Activation sequence: I had fun looking at my opponent trying to get his Knights out of the way, when every path was blocked, and his jacks caught behind them.
  • Denial: It's a massive amount of the board he can't use with wounded models, or single wound infantry.
  • Free Focus: It allows a few casters to run their jacks, and pop more spells in round one. In other lists it allows the Warwitch Sirens to run the first turn, which is a great boon.
The amount of casters that will like this model is a bit lower than I initially thought, but I can still see potential in the Desecrator.

The main problem is, that it's eighteen points worth of defensive models (since I think two will be necessary to gain any real advantage from Scather templates), and so far Terminus is the only caster that can really appreciate that. Back to the drawing board!


  1. I was thinking about these as replacements for my two Seethers in a pGoreshade list. I'm pretty heavy on Bane Thralls in that list. Still not sold on them yet though. I think I like the Seethers...

  2. I think they'll do well in a pGoreshade list, but let me know how it turns out :)