Sunday, November 27, 2011

Guest Authors: How to beat us?

A couple of my fellow players have expressed an interest in writing some articles for the Blog, so I've been considering what those players could offer us. The Overseer remains a faction specific Blog, and none of them are Cryx players, so I had to find something they would know better than I do, and I think I've found it: how to beat us.

I don't know how skilled they are as authors, but I know how skilled they are as players, and putting them to work on exposing our flaws could could provide some interesting insight. Come Monday I'll see if they find that idea as interesting as I do, and hopefully put them to work.


  1. "The Overseer remains a faction specific Blog[...]"

    Then why are you writing Khador spotlights?! ;)

    Get back to the pits, and write up some articles on the stuff I requested, would'ya?! :D

  2. Damn you and your fancy logic! You just signed up to write a mercenary article, you know that right?

  3. Damnit! >_<

    Good thing that I only play Searforge, and that means that all my advice against Cryx is going to be "pray you don't draw a Cryx player in your tournament pairing" :D

  4. True, I remember that trial game we had the week before the masters :D

  5. Yeah, so do I :/

    Granted, there are thing one can do to mitigate the impact that Cryx has on the game when playing against them as Searforge, but it will _always_ be an uphill battle on short legs.

    I can write something up for you, but I can only write something for Searforge, since that's the only army I have any real in-depth experience with...

  6. Much appreciated. I was thinking threat assessments and counters to our tricks, but if you have something else in mind I'm open for suggestions :)

  7. I'll think about it some more, and we can talk tonight at le FROB.