Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ETC 2012: Team setup

I know it's more than seven months away, but I got to thinking about the team setup. I began by defining the many different types of lists we should be prepared to handle, and began assigning factions and players to take them on, when I realized it doesn't work like that in a team tournament.

It seems more like fighting one large battle, decided on several tables, which means that I need to see the four lists as one large list, able to adjust to anything the opposing team can throw at us. If the tournament proceeds like it did in 2011 (I've been reading a bit), there will be very limited options for choosing opponents, and that means rethinking the way we construct our lists.

In addition the opposing team might use their Feat, which allows them to change the match-ups in the round, so none of our lists can have any obviously exploitable issues, or we risk the opposing team shuffling their team into easy match-ups.

That also means that constructing lists that actually have easy match-ups would be preferable, since we could then shuffle around for an easy round if opportunity presents itself. The team so far:
  • Cryx: Terminus
  • Khador: pIrusk
  • Trollblood/Thornfall/Cygnar: ?
  • Skorne/Menoth: ?
Terminus is built for this kind of tournament, and I think he'll be an unwelcome surprise to many. I like pIrusk a lot, and he seems like a caster with few bad match-ups, so I agree on that choice. The only problem I see is, that we'll be arguing over Saxon Orrik, as both our lists need him to retain mobility, but I'll probably concede him to Khador, as my list will work without him, though I think a tweak would be in order.

This will be a breath of fresh air, and while winning anything is entirely optional, I'll be crunching numbers and running trials, because I happen to love doing it. That also means, that when my team sees this post, they/you shouldn't despair: There are two teams we need to beat (the other two Danish teams), and 57 we don't care about :D

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