Friday, January 27, 2012

Circle: Megalith

I've been reading, and asking questions, and it seems my Circle list will do fine except for one thing: Megalith. That thing is everywhere, and while it pains me to pay 11 points for anything in this game, it does seem like a good idea.

+1 MAT, +1 PS, +1 ARM, +1 FURY, Self Healing, and Steady. A better animus and an interesting on hit effect, but I must admit that fielding an eleven point heavy that can barely scratch a real heavy is daunting. I did get two Woldwardens in the deal though, and it shouldn't be too hard to convert one to Megalith, since that's just adding a bit of shield plating here and there.

It will give me an excuse to practice my grey stuff abilities anyway. Anyway, real life is kicking my a teeth in this week, so don't expect much until Monday.

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