Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Scenario: Restoration

I tried another of the new scenarios last night: Restoration (Page 25 of SR2012). The restoration caches can remove 1d3 damage and all continuous effects from any friendly models within 4" with an activation, and all models are friendly to it by default.

The objective is to smash the enemy cache (remember it's friendly, so many feats and abilities won't work on it) and control the zone, which earns the player a point. It's a Deneghra dream scenario, since you earn a point in each players turn and you only need two points to win. Objectives are invulnerable in the first round, but we all know it's round two that counts anyway.

You should also note that the cache removes damage, which means they can theoretically reactivate broken warjack systems. That's a nifty little trick, and can allow a warjack with nothing but a single cortex box, to become fully functional, if you roll well enough to remove three damage


Just make sure your objective doesn't die. If you can ensure that your objective survives you won't lose on scenario. If you have access to LoS blocking models with multiple wounds then you might be able to camp it (I imagine a unit of Menoth Bastions would be bloody hard to shift), but most Cryx lists will have to: swamp the zone. Armor 20 and 20 life on the objectives means that most armies will have to melee the cache to death, and that's hard with an army parked in front of it.

If you have a fast list and the first turn you can really put the pressure on your opponent, forcing him to line up in front of the objective to be slaughtered. If you field Wraith Witch Deneghra, this scenario should make you all giddy inside, since having the first turn means an easy win. Heavy melee armies will probably have to muscle into the zone and force a caster kill instead, which should be easy unless you're up against casters with movement related feats.

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