Friday, January 20, 2012

Reinforcements: Wrong Eye and Snapjaw

With the changes to SR 2012, I can now bring WE&SJ as my reinforcements. I know there are better choices, but I've been working overtime finding some way to include both our Lesser Warlocks, and now I have it. I've also secured permission from my ETC team to claim both of them, so now I'm left with a warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach, a lot of thinking to do... and one point left over.

What am I going to do with one point, when I've got all three Machine Wraiths in the list already. Necrotechs became utterly useless when they decided to bring along Scrapp Thralls (that make them non-scoring), and Scrapp Thralls themselves are no better. I got to thinking that if I can't do something good, I can do something fun instead.

About five years ago I was into Blood Bowl, and I had an all Skink team. They all had personalities and their behavior on the field was dictated by it. The crowd pleaser was a crazed killer named "Deathmaster Skink", and his modus operandi was to blitz the biggest thing on the board, no matter how dangerous it was. He died every two or three games, but occasionally he managed something spectacular, and his most successful incarnation had two kills and several severe injuries under his belt before he died.

My all zombie team won about half their games, because every time an enemy player hit the ground they all swarmed in and mass fouled, while everyone except the poor victim cried out for brains! This meant that every player I was up against missed a shitload of opportunities, because they would rather lose than have their star player eaten and animated. Another of the zombies always threw long bombs to the runner zombie (which had a leg injury that caused him to be amongst the slowest models in the game), and the list goes on.

I should build myself a Necrotech, find a personal goal for him, and see what he can do. I could build him as a bipedal and send him on a quest for more legs. I could build him like a discount version of the old witch, and call them Zhagga & Scrappy, or maybe Victor and Malfunctioning Eddie from Futurama.


  1. I used to have mine labelled as 'Cartman' and 'Kenny', with poor Kenny dying much more than once per battle. I kind of miss those two, as several months later their names were replaced with solid arcs going down the front sides of their bases.

    ~ Bronze

  2. Not bad! You killed Kenny, you bastards! :D