Thursday, January 19, 2012

SR2012: I need a look at those scenarios

I must admit to being more than a little confused about all the new scenarios with artifices (formerly called complications), and reinforcements. There are a lot of things that make very little sense when reading them, and I'm having a hard time putting the picture together.

Some of the new scenarios require cards with a pile of rules on them (last page of the SR2012 rules), so you can bounce objectives around the board, and most of them either explode, make nearby models fearless, allow free charges for beast/jacks, gain or lose armor, blow up nearby things, light things on fire, shoot, or heal and remove continuous effects (this is going to end in tears).

Stop hugz me! I R storng Durid!

I think this requires some actual games to sort out, so I'll go through the scenarios that aren't making sense (while doing the Terminus challenge), and report back what they feel like. I've been pleasantly surprised by how the reinforcements actually worked, but I'm still skeptical about all the random rules and abilities.

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