Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Coming full Circle

A while back I talked about creating armies without spending hundreds of dollars, and last night I purchased enough for my first real Hordes list: Circle. Back then I tried to predict what I would need to spend in order to buy a list that would be tournament worthy (though probably not top-tier).
pKrueger. I would think it would be about 80-100 dollars to purchase sufficient beasts and support though.
That turned out to be an accurate prediction, though I would have preferred something else instead of the second Woldwarden, but beggars can't be choosers. I bought pKrueger, eKrueger, Woldwarden, Woldwarden, Woldwatcher, Gorax, Druid Wilder, and Druids of Orboros + Overseer (all second hand of course): 82 dollars.

This should allow me to field nearly the same list with pKrueger and eKrueger, though I'm still considering the use of two Woldwardens, and will be on the lookout for something to replace one. I did consider Rorsh & Brine (and still do actually, as +2 MAT, +2 STR, and Reach makes him damn scary), but that would leave me a bit low on Fury generating beasts (still something to be tested).

Krueger the Stormwrath
- Gorax
- Woldwatcher
- Woldwarden
- Woldwarden/Rorsh & Brine/Shadowhorn & Lanyssa
Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters (Cylena and 9 Grunts)
Druids of Orboros (Leader and 5 Grunts)
- Druid of Orboros Overseer
Wrong Eye & Snapjaw

pKrueger with Skyborne (2 Fury, non upkeep), Deflection (2 Fury, non-upkeep), Earth's Blessing (1 Fury, non-upkeep), and a cloud/forest will be sitting on defense 19, armor 14/16, with immunity to Knockdown, Pushes, and Stationary. He'll be camping 1-2 Fury and having the Woldwatcher nearby to soak something that does manage to hit.
  • Wrong Eye & Snapjaw
Wrong Eye and Snapjaw are there to take on enemy heavies and heavy infantry, and with Lightning Tendrils and Primal Snapjaw will eat just about anything. Against living enemies he'll be coming from 12" away with MAT 8 and PS 19, and a critical knockdown tail at PS 16. Against warjacks he's a lot slower, but then again Warjacks tend to be slower as well.
  • Nyss Hunters
The Nyss Hunters with Lightning tendrils seem batshit crazy, threatening 12" with a charge and electro leap. That should wipe just about any surviving infantry of the table, but they're also capable of hurting most heavies pretty badly if needed.
  • Druids
Druids are druids, and will be tasked with bringing in targets for the heavies, and will be defense 18 armor 13/15 with clouds and Deflection up. They'll also be tasked with keeping a member near Krueger to provide a cloud when needed.
  • Shadowhorn + Lanyssa/Wayfarer
I'm considering a Shadowhorn + Lanyssa instead of the second Woldwarden. The Shadowhorn with tendrils and Primal can surprise and destroy a lot of casters with leap, reach, four PS 16 attacks, two PS 15 attacks, and with good MAT to boot. Lanyssa will add another potential 2" to my beasts when they charge, and with tendrils the range becomes a bit silly, as even the Woldwarden comes rushing from 12" away. Edit: The Blackclad Wayfarer might a better choice. Thinking cap on!

This is all theory of course, but I'm looking forward to getting it on the table and trying it out. The main issue will be the amount of things in the list that relies on a spell that can't be everywhere at once, though I can upkeep it on one, cast it on another instead of deflection, and Woldwarden it on a third.


  1. It remains to be seen how well I'll do with it, but there's a small tournament in three weeks, and I should be able to assemble it all by then. I don't own the Shadowhorn Satyr though, and it's like 30 dollars from new.

  2. I'm happy for your experimentation but the Dragonfather and his minions still need you. Try not to get do distracted dabbling with factions that will eventually all be dust under the Dragonfather's feet.

    You are one of our greatest resources Lam. :D

  3. Well I've got no plans to drop my Cryx. It's just that there are few casters left that I find really interesting, and discovering new ways of using average models/units is what I like most.

    pAsphyxious is not a tricky caster. eAsphyxious was way over the top and I felt dirty. pDeneghra is done and eDeneghra isn't my cup of tea. I did consider the Goreshades for a while, but they don't do well with the sort of lists I like.

    Mortenebra is done, Scaverous might be picked up again later, but I've reached my twenty games with him and I don't have what it takes to run him competitively. pSkarre is boring and eSkarre is done to death by everyone and their grandmother. Terminus is done and Venethrax is bad which leaves The Coven, and I can't seem to find my interest in them.

    After I've done a spotlight on the Cankerworm, and Orin Midwinter, I'm pretty much out of things I feel need an article. I'm left with buying and running Steelheads, Soul Hunters, and a few solo characters, but that's about it.

    My game theory articles would benefit from experience with a Hordes faction, and since my flirts with Khador still resides in boxes I'll try Circle.