Saturday, January 14, 2012

iBodger: See all army lists

I was just made aware of this excellent tool. "This is a list of the most and least popular models by faction, based on the lists collected here. This is not necessarily representative of the larger population of games played, and is mostly for fun. Please do not take these lists too seriously. Models from recently released books are not eligible for ranking, since there will not be enough history yet"

Screw the statistics, the see all army lists is the real gold nugget! This tool allows you to find all the lists posted on Privateer Press forums, without having to search and sort through everything. I'm not sure how long it's been running, and if the data becomes outdated, but let's say you're building a Iron Lich Asphyxious list.

We simply go to the see all army lists section -> Cryx -> Iron Lich Asphyxious,  and we get about 60 lists, ranked by points, and there's even a section about his theme lists. This is also doable with each model/unit, so if we want to see what kind of lists the Cankerworm is in you can, and it's even listed by casters.

If I feel like knowing a bit more about eStryker, I can just go browse the lists instead of doing long and annoying searches. The tools isn't perfect, and most lists are posted by rookies, but it's still a wonderful tool.


  1. Funny that you didn't found that tool earlier...

    I prefer using the stats (with a large pinch of salt) to counter stupid "Faction A plays Caster B/solo C all the time" arguments.

    But yes, I also used it before to dig up data about some typical combos. And while a lot of lists are posted by newbie players (guys like me^^), it still is a golden tool as long as the comments on the lists are viable.

    Which reminds me that I still want to start a discussion about tiered eSkarre. (Used ibodger to dig up a few threads, but it didn't satisfy my curiosity enough).

  2. I've picked up the models, but I've never gotten around to actually fielding it. I think it's really good though, and facing more than twenty defense 14/16 AD models with weapon master and 14" threat should make just about anyone pee their pants.

  3. You know there is an iBodger iOS and Android app. It allows you to build army lists and email them to people. I use it to track lists I play against so I can better remember tricks used against me.

  4. Sure I know, I just never found the statistics before :)

  5. It's a great app. I use it almost every day :)