Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Terminus Challenge: Orin Midwinter

There's no arguing that using a balanced force reduces the amount of bad match-ups I encounter, but what sort of ranged options do I really have with a caster that cannot increase accuracy or damage. In addition the ranged option I choose must be able to provide an answer to enemy ranged stealth models, which sadly takes some sort of area, blast, or leaping damage to kill, since we have almost nothing in our arsenal that ignores stealth.

I also really find myself missing my Skarlock since I pulled him out, because casting Ravager for free has the potential of another sword hit when going in for the kill (charge the target with his sword, then hit a nearby infantry model and start the Berserk chain, where he's allowed to switch and swing with the sword again), and gives me the option of stealing a few souls outside feat round.

Hooray, I'm helping!
I've had him for ages and I've put him on the table once or twice with little success. I don't really need him to do anything except take down a pesky solo, and then he can go ahead and die for all I care. Theoretically his lightning can hit a solo parked more than thirty inches away, but realistically and with one arc, he can reach around twenty inches.

Tremulus should be able to make this "assassination" almost reliable, and I think I've found my next test subject. I also have another use for my Machine Wraiths, though this one will cost one it's life, but if I really need that specific solo hit, and there's no other way, I can always run in a Machine Wraith and hit it from behind.

Orin Midwinter Tactica I found.


  1. I've always liked this guy, but never found a spot for him. I hope you have found one.

  2. Fingers crossed. I found a little Tactica on him, though it's written for Skorne, and I've edited it into the post.