Monday, January 16, 2012


I painted something last night. I haven't painted anything the last six months, so it came as something of a surprise to suddenly feel the urge. I'm a terrible painter, so I never get to take any pride in my work, but last night I began the process of finishing what I'm sure I'll include in my Terminus list, and I must admit that it was worth taking the time to change a few colors.

The list is slowly turning dark and gritty, though I think I overdid it a bit on Orin Midwinter, who became about as dull as they get. I'll see if I can manage some pictures tonight, depending on how much I have to write after my game against Cygnar (don't know if it will be against pStryker or eCaine, but I'm hoping for eCaine).


  1. Regardless of actual painting skill, I'm pretty sure no-one can make the models look actually worse than white metal or primer coat :P

    So keep it up. Every slash of brush improves the game.

    And to be honest, now I stalk some pictures on your site, your army looks pretty cool, actually.

  2. At a distance, across the table, it looks really good actually, but the second you get up close it all falls apart :D