Thursday, January 12, 2012

List of Loathing: Herne & Jonne

I don't understand why I'm not seeing Herne & Jonne more often. They will work for Cygnar, Khador, and Protectorate, and I think it might be because in-faction options are perceived as better. Be that as it may, I pee my pants whenever I see this team take the field, and here's why.

These guys are three points, and with the addition of Dougal MacNaile they get to put some serious artillery in the air. Jonne can use his Scattershot while under the effect of Double Powder Rations and Artillerist, to inflict some incredible punishment on infantry hordes.
Those Re-rolls from Artillerist work for the secondary blasts as well, which means that with aiming bonus Jonne can put a RAT 10 small blast on something within 14", and then manipulate the dice into placing two more small blasts where they can really hurt.

The first time I met these guys I lost an entire unit of Mechanithralls to one round of shooting from H&J. They just sort of vanished, and H&J remained outside my threat range and got another round of fire in before I could get to them. The second time I met them I used two Pistol Wraiths to take them down, and I was quite pleased with myself until I realized I'd just lost six points and a serious threat, to take down three points that had already inflicted serious damage to my list, and it was back to the drawing board.
When Herne goes down Jonne becomes irrelevant, and Herne is only defense twelve, armor thirteen, and has five boxes. He will usually be standing behind Jonne, but a medium base doesn't cover a small base very well, and you can often draw a bead on him (massive casualties will also force Jonne to check when Herne dies).

Incidentally Herne has to be in B2B with Jonne if the team is to use the Scattershot option, and Herne is squishy enough that blast damage and sprays are a serious threat to him. The team has a fearsome damage output against infantry lists, but is incredibly fragile in return, so if you can manage to take down Herne before they fire of the big guns, you've effectively neutered Jonne as well.



  1. I think you are reversing their names as your post doesn't make a lot of sense here. Jonne is the big guy and Herne is the little guy.

    1. Hmm, I guess I got the names mixed up. I've changed them, thanks.