Sunday, January 29, 2012

Machine wraiths WIP

The Machine Wraiths have their base coat, but the color scheme I had in my head did not work out well when faced with reality. Scorpion green worked well on the cloth, but when I tried applying more to the miniatures they began looking like pieces of sour candy.

Initial plans to paint them scorpion green incorporeal... not a success.
The ladies at my club are great painters though, so tomorrow I'll pick their brains for tasty Grey matter and ideas. The Cankerworm and Skarlock are giving me fits as well... I hate painting.


  1. These came out pretty well. A darker green might work elsewhere on the models maybe something like Dark Angels Green?

  2. I actually already tried that, but it didn't really work. I tried it on the paper/cloth on the model, and on the wires on the other one, but it didn't really add to the model either way.

  3. I used Scab Red (Citadel) for mine and was very pleased with the results.

    I use Scab Red as a re-occuring theme with all of my Cryx models.