Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Reinforcements: Hacksawed!

I can't believe it! Lesser Warlocks are now allowed as reinforcements. That's all I wanted for Christmas, since I can now fit Wrong Eye into my Terminus list. I really thought they had us on the whole "bonded" issue, but... GLEE! Now I just have to cage fight the other guys on my ETC team, since I'll be claiming both Lesser Warlocks.


  1. Great news!!!! I'm still not too keen on the idea of reinforcements, but this brightens my view on the whole thing. I think it complicates a game that I find all too complicated in the first place :)

  2. I'm warming up to the idea. It actually works pretty well, and isn't nearly as confusing as I thought it would be. I see some very interesting ideas on choices being discussed on the faction forums.

  3. I guess I'll have to start playing with it when I feel I'm ready. Think I need a better understanding of the game in general before I go into it. There's so many things to think about, and now you have to consider your opponent having extra models entering the table. Just playing a simple SR 2011 scenario makes my head explode quite often :)