Sunday, January 22, 2012

Struggling with Necrotechs

I've been working on Terminus' person Skarlock a bit and it's going well, but the Necrotech is not coming along. Assuming nothing goes wrong I should have some WIP pictures of the Skarlock tomorrow, but I'm hitting a wall with Necrotech, and the Internet isn't helping much.

Bloat Thrall legs is doable, but still ugly.
Upright Vice Claw: better but still ugly.
Longer legs, upright Vice Claw, great color, still ugly.

It's a tough model to work with, and Privateer Press has some big old road blocks in the conversion guidelines. I might order some Malifaux models and see if I can get away with it...

With a bit of work that might pass as a Necrotech.

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