Wednesday, January 4, 2012

List of Loathing: Stormsmith Storm Caller

Another little project I've been considering is the List of Loathing. This is supposed to slowly grow into an archive of the models/units I consider extremely problematic as Cryx, and possible counters to them if I have any that actually work. For the first installment I'll present the models I hate more than anything else in the game.

Stormsmith Storm Caller
I hate these guys so much, and with a single skill check they can render an Arc Node useless for a round, take out most unit leaders, or take down a squishy solo like Gorman or Madelyn. They ignore stealth, and they care nothing about defense, cover, or concealment either.

If you're not running Arc Nodes, they can stay back until the lines clash, and completely wipe a wave of infantry in a single round. If your opponent has included a Firefly, it can run up and act as surge/triangulation point, allowing all three Storm Callers to pop Triangulation, and if they all succeed you've got 9 auto-hits on your hands that causes disruption if used against jacks and will nuke most of your solo characters.
Without the Firefly they're a lot less scary, as he will have to figure out a way to get a single wound infantry model through your lines, and probably miss out on 1/3 of their attacks. When two of them are dead, the remaining SSC is reduced to disrupting warjacks and killing solo characters, and while that's annoying it's not as scary as having an entire wave of infantry go *poof*.

The Stormsmith Storm Callers need to remain "intact" (I tend to see them as a unit even though they aren't) to really blow up the world, so you need to diminish that potential quickly. It's easy enough to do, since they're easy to kill, but the problem is that we have poor long range fire power, so we will have to use whatever we have to kill three 1 point models that are spread out over his entire line.



  1. List of Loathing is a good topic. The Stormcaller is a problem. I'm very happy one of my regular Cygnar opponents hasn't been fielding them much.

    Lately my thoughts have turned to thinking of ways to remove single low ARM high DEF pieces from the opponent's board. For example guys like Ryan from the B13 and such. Usually I trade an arc node for Ryan but there must be better trades...

    We have access to incorporeal and that helps. I keep looking at Bloat Thralls but they are too slow and dropping from 10 boxes to 8 with the MKII conversion was enough to hurt their survivability.

    Definitely something I will be thinking more about and playing around with.

  2. B13 can occasionally be outmaneuvered, depending on terrain, since they're not naturally stealth. If you can pull them out of cover/concealment, a couple of Pistol Wraiths will sort them out.

    Shoot something easy to gain a soul with your first shot, then boost to hit, taking down defense 17 on average dice with the second. B13 members cry when they're hit by POW 12.

    Satyxis Raiders will make them think twice about coming forward, and defense 16 is a bit much, even for the B13.

    The Desecrator might even be worth considering, as the 4" AoE could be useful, but that's highly dependent on your caster, since the Desecrator mostly sucks.

    A Bloat might do the trick, if you can manage to proc Intrigue with Madelyn, as that will increase his threat from 16" to 19", but still.